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What is Southbow Landing?


Meet all your daily needs

Our vision for Southbow Landing is a community that makes life simple. A place where everything you need is a short drive, walk, or bike ride away. Southbow will be a community dedicated to meeting the needs of its residents for all stages of their lives.

Southbow Landing will include:
  • new school sites
  • interconnected green spaces
  • pathways
  • bike paths
  • constructed wetlands
  • comprehensive commercial, retail and businesses, including a village centre
  • planned Glenbow Ranch connection

A 545 acre master-planned community, Southbow Landing will be the first new development south of the Bow River to include substantial commercial, business and retail areas. Residents will be able to meet all their daily needs within their neighbourhood. Southbow Landing will also be fully integrated within the larger community of Cochrane — making it a community within a community.

Southbow Landing remains connected to nature by retaining important slopes, treed areas and lands along the Bow River. More than 35 percent of Southbow Landing will be dedicated to open spaces, schools and pathways.

Our Timeline

The timeframe for Southbow Landing to be completed is approximately 15 years. The development will also fill in critical missing links in south Cochrane’s transportation system, making it simpler for Cochrane residents to get around.

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